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Antivirus & Cleaners

Emsisoft We have used many different antivirus programs, but Emsisoft had amazed us with the
outstanding detection rate of latest breed of viruses. Most common attacks we face are malwares and ransomewares. Ability to detect ransomeware effectively on Emsisoft is a huge step up. We recommend businesses to install this great program before a ransomeware or virus could damage your data coursing huge financial loss for your company.

Website: www.emsisoft.com
Adwcleaner Adwcleaner is a program for advanced users to get rid of malware and junkware. If you want to get rid of all those unwanted popups and toolbars this is the right tool But we do not recommend a normal user to run this program. Please use this at your own risk or contact a professional.

Website: www.toolslib.net
combofix Just Like Adwcleaner, ComboFix is another powerful tool to revive your personal computer from Malware and Adware. You should not run combofix unless you are instructed by a technician. Doing so may affect normal functionality of your computer.

Website: www.bleepingcomputer.com
ccleaner Computer is slow, No space and "Oh, Do you have that issue where websites does not load properly?" Then this is the right tool to use. CCleaner has the ability to get rid of temporary files and disable startup programs. This can vastly improve the performance of your computer. But please be aware that most of the time computers are slow not becuase of a software issue, it could happen due to a hardware failure. Contact a professional to diagnose the issue.

Website: www.piriform.com
Ani-Malware for MAC
Malwarebytes Adware and Malware attacks for Apple Mac devices had started emerging in recent years. Previously known as "Adware Medic" and later aquired by malwarebytes, this amazing tool can get rid of many website popups, ads and pup's from Mac OSx devices.

Website: www.malwarebytes.org


VLC Player
VLC We can't think of any video format that VLC Media player can't handle. But why a Traffic Corn as the logo?.

Website: www.videolan.org

Other Programs

Google Chrome
Chrome Chrome is the best Web Explorer I ever had my hands on. It does not need any additional plugins to run. Just works out of the box.

Website: www.google.com
Ninite Don't have time to update your programs or is it too complicated? This is the right tool to use. Ninite save your time when you want to install or update computer programs. It has the ability to download all the programs you selected and install all of them automatically. What more you need?

Website: www.ninite.com
Teamviewer Teamviewer let's you remotely control your laptop and share your screen. It is very safe and higly encrypted program. This is the last program we reommend just because this web page is getting too long :).

Website: www.teamviewer.com